Apr 8, 2011

Polar Bear Pride

I now officially a Polar Bear....

 that is a North Elementary Polar Bear. 

  I Interviewed for the Take home library specialist on Monday and I got a call on Wednesday to inform me that I got the job! I have been training for the last two days and I am so excited to be working in a job that actually has something to do with my (eventual) career.
   Basically my job is to switch out the kids books after they have read them at home and I also will be doing what they call homework club. This is done during their lunch recess. If the students didn't do their homework at home then they come to homework club to finish it. Here my job is to make sure they get their homework done, not a hard job but I am going to have to brush up on some of my times tables and division skills because in the last two days I have had to help kids quite a bit with that content. ugg... not a huge fan math.
   And just because I am now a polar bear doesn't at all mean that I am enjoying all of this snow.. ;-)

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