Mar 22, 2011

Spring Break

Spring break was too short and was far less 'springy' than I would have like it to be. We spent the first of the week in good 'ol Bryce Valley. Visiting family, playing the Wii, looking for lost cows, sleeping in all morning long, watching movies and all sorts of lazy things like that.
On Monday we spent the day with Franz 'chasing cows' as Jim would say but that puts a funny image in my head so I am going to say looking for lost (or misplaced...runaway... I don't know exactly what to call them other than they were not where they were suppose to be) cows. We were looking for 4 of Franz's and we found some of Carl's (Franz's brother) and one dead cow. Very exciting. No really, it was because Jim and I spent most of the time singing the wrong lyrics to most all of the songs we know.
Here are a few pictures from our grand adventure on our hunt for dads missing cows.

 I am pretty sure there are some cows out there.... somewhere.... I think

 As you can see we were had a great time on our little adventure.

I really liked the look of the rocks in the creek-bed, they were all put together in these artsy little clumps with all sorts of colors and shapes surrounded by very smooth looking mud. (PS the mud was very smooth, I made Jim stop the 4-wheeler one time just so I could feel it. smile.) Its great the small things that catch my eye that make me realize that our father in heaven is a real artist. Even rocks in mud look beautiful! 

Another very funny part of our weekend was Shan's Dog Boomer. She loves to chase this laser and it was cracking me up. The video is pretty dark but a couple times you can really see here go after it. Its great!

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  1. Looks like fun! I love the pic of the crrek bed. Beautiful.