Jul 22, 2011

Kodachrome and surrounding areas... Pictures for Geology 1050

These are a few pictures from Kodachrome that I am putting up for my geology class.
The first pictures are from the national geographic magazine that was printed in 1949. It goes through their visit and talks about the history of the naming of Kodachrome. Originally Kodachrome was known as Chimney Rock State Reserve but then national geographic wanted to name it after the new color film from Kodak. It was quite the ordeal and the name was switched two or three times before it stuck at Kodachrome Basin State Park

These next 5 pictures are of the cottonwood canyon trail

 All the next pictures are of Kodachrome State Park.

 chimney rock ^
 kodachrome ^ v

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. :)

Jul 8, 2011


June is gone.... where did it go?? I feel like yesterday we were heading off to Disneyland! I have been slacking so much this month so this post is going to be about the great fun that we had June. Where to start....

 At the first of the month we were just finishing planting our garden and now we have corn that is almost 2 feet high, peas that are outrageously yummy, a fuzzy watermelon plant and tomato plants (vines only at this point).

We have been working hard this summer, Jim at his IT job switching out computers and me at the library. Although, I think I have been doing the opposite... hardly working that is. The library was only able to give me 10 hours a week this summer so I have only been working 2 hours a day. I have kept myself busy though. I am taking a geology class and an assessment class. the latter is quite boring and basically a repeat of other classes I have taken. I guess that could be the up side of it though, it doesn't take much to get good grades because I know most of the information already. The geology is a different story. I have learned SO much in that class. I love being in an area where I can actually see many of the things that I am studying about. Jim is also taking classes this summer. Neither of us needed to take classes but we thought, why not? it will just lighten the load for us this coming year. Especially for Jim. He will be graduating this coming may and really didn't want to be taking more than 18 credits a semester. I don't blame him one bit.

Lets see... the second week of June.

I almost forgot the best thing that happened this week! How could I forget this! It was my very first cattle drive and I was pretty much a pro... haha... okay so maybe not. The horse that I rode first wouldn't follow any of my commands and then, after I switched Jim horses, that horse just wanted to eat every single piece of grass we passed by. Oh boy, it was quite the experience! BUT I got some pretty good pictures on this fun outing. I sure do love the Shakespears. They have given me some great new experiences that you can't get anywhere else. :)
 My handsome husband.
 Jim and Zoe. I love this picture!
What a cute couple... oh, that's us! :)
 Ryan and Erin's cute family. We sure do love them!
I got some really great pictures of Emmett riding, but this one was one of my very favorites! This boy has a way with those horses too, I need to take some lessons from him or something. He could jump right on and the horse would follow his commands and everything; I was so jealous! :)

During the middle of the month I took a week off to spend some time with my family in Cannonville. I had such a great time with them. Mom helped me make a very CUTE skirt, (thanks for your help mommy!) we ate pie from the Pines and yummy pizza from the Pizza Place, we fed the chickens, went on walks with boomer (Shan's dog), fished at Barker Reservoir, took jeep rides, watched Say yes to the dress, sang songs with all the wrong lyrics, chased sniffles (Shan's bunny), visited Kodachrome State Park, cleaned Howard's (our next door neighbor) Car, and so many other things.
Here are a few pictures from that week...

Kodachrome State Park
More Kodachrome
Wild Cat
Me and my cute sis.
Mom and Chels at Kodachrome
My cute new skirt! Thank heavens for my wonderful mother, she took the time to help me put this skirt together and after some long hours and me sewing the front to the back we finally finished!

The last weekend of June was the BEST of the best, it was the Nielson Reunion in Tropic. Jim and I had so much fun getting to know more family. We had a blast hiking in some narrows on Cottonwood road, competing for the medals in our family Olympics, eating yummy food, dancing the Virginia Reel (and other great dances), doing the hokey pokey, and chatting with everyone. 
So, I have to take a moment to bask in my own lime-light... during our Olympics I got 2nd place in the three point shoot! Yeah me! ;) I don't think Margaret knew I had that in me.  Oh and I guess I should also tell you that Jim got second in horse-shoes, but he is amazing at everything so... that's all I have to say about that. 

 Zoe climbing high. She was saying "mom! take my picture. MOM!! take my picture" but above the noise of everyone taking and trying to get in place for more pictures she could not be heard. So I stepped in and took her picture. :) I love this little monkey who shares a birthday with me...

.... OH YA, I had a birthday this month. So quickly to interrupt the blurb on the reunion. Holy cow, time flies by so fast. I don't know what happened to the last year, where did it go? So, since I am a grown up (blah...) I even had to work on my birthday. I turned 22 on June 16th. It was also the opening of the Utah Summer Games so yes I got fireworks... on my birthday. pretty sweet. My mom, Chelsea and Shan came over and cooked us a steak dinner along with German chocolate cake (my fav). It was wonderful!

So back to the reunion...
 Dancing the Virginia Reel.
 Gettin' ready for the Hokey Pokey! Oh yeah!
Tyce wanted to be in our Family picture, it makes the picture so much cuter when there is a little one in it. Don't you think? ;)

WOW this was LONG... Maybe this month I will be better at blogging so it won't be so long next time.
Until then, enjoy life to its fullest, don't miss out on the small things and enjoy the journey.