Apr 18, 2011

Outstanding Information Systems student of the year award!

Jim is amazing and received the outstanding IS student of the year award! The college of CIET (college of computing, integrated engineering, and technology) which includes engineering, IS, CS (computer systems), and math did an awards night last Thursday and we were able to attend. They fed us a grilled chicken dinner that was wonderful and some grawesome (as Ian would say) strawberry shortcake! After we had finished eating they presented the awards to the students and professors they had selected for the year. The professor that presented Jim's award is one of his very favorite teachers and apparently the teacher thinks just as much about Jim. He announced Jim's award and then proceeded to say how Jim was a great student and that he was a real asset to the whole University because of his working for the IT department. I am very proud of Jim and his achievement!

Here are a few pictures from that night.
 Receiving his award.
 Close up... there always has to be someones head in the way right?
 Close up of his fancy award.


  1. Way to go, Jim! That's awesome! Also, Mikki I tried to comment on your other post about your new job, but it didn't save it. I'm excited for you too and hope you will like your new job!

  2. Woo-hoo, Jim! That's Crazy Cool! And that looks like it was a fun dinner.

    It's great to see that other poeple see how Super Awesome Jim is! :)