May 22, 2011


We had such an amazing week in California this past week!
On monday we traveled to Anaheim; we arrived around 2:00 (their time) and got our room all settled and headed to Newport Beach. It was windy and quite cold but it was still great to see the ocean. After we had explored the beach, picked up a few seashells and ate an amazing italian dinner we headed back to our room. We walked up to Disneyland to see how long it would take us to get there and I am pretty sure Jim just wanted to go in right then. He was way excited. :)

The next day, Tuesday, we woke up to wind and rain... we looked at the weather and found that it was going to be rainy that day and the next. So we decided to go to Knott's Berry Farm that day and Disneyland the next two days.

We absolutely loved Knott's Berry Farm!! The rides were incredible and the lines were super short, the longest wait we had for a ride was probably 15 minutes. Most of the other rides we just walked right on to. The rain scared all the other tourists away but we were stuck with high school kids (they must have been on an end of the year trip or something like that). Jim loved, I mean really loved one roller-coaster in particular it is called the Xcellerator. It goes from 0 to 82 mph in 2.3 seconds! That evening after we were done with all of our roller-coaster riding we had an amazing dinner at Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant. Jim had BBQ ribs that basically fell off the bones on their own and I had the famous fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy that was to die for! Jim tried rhubarb and it was disgusting and then on top of it all we had apple pie!


Wednesday we spent in Disneyland and California Adventure. We were so happy because it didn't rain on us, although it was windy and quite chilly. The first ride we went on was Its a Small World... my favorite ride... NOT! we were told that we had to go on that ride even though I don't like it. We have been waking up every morning since then singing that song... its like the plague! hehe. Okay maybe not that bad. ;) We had a very very LONG day, we waited in lines for much longer than the day before at Knott's Berry but it was all worth it. We loved the Matterhorn and Space Mountain. Although those were the longest waits we had for rides that day. Of course my favorite was Pirates of the Caribbean... it would have been splash mountain but it is closed until June 3rd.  We went over to California adventure this day as well and rode California Screamin' which is such a great ride. Jim was not that impressed because it was 'so much slower than the Xcellerator'... you would think he was a pro right? lol. That night we ate at a Mexican Restaurant inside California Adventure and we watched a little of the World of Color water and light show. It was amazing to watch so we decided that the next day we would get fast-passes so we could have a good view.

Thursday we started out in California Adventure and first thing was first we got fast-passes for the World of Color. Those passes went out really quickly, we got to the park about 15 minutes after it opened and there was a huge line waiting to get the fast passes. After that we immediately got on to a water ride that was so dang fun! We were in a tube with about 6 other people and the best part of the ride was hearing these two cute girls probably about 6 or 7 and possibly twins squeal and scream every time they got a drop of water on them. :) It was so funny! Then after a while we ventured back over to Disneyland to hit a few rides that had been closed the day before, Indiana Jones and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. The lines were SO SO LONG but they were worth the wait, those are two of my favorite rides and I was so excited to take Jim on them.

Then we wandered around Disneyland and at one point we stopped on some benches over by toon town and Jim fell asleep (imagine that) and I got a pretty good recording of his head bobbing. We had people passing us just snickering and telling their friends to watch him because it was so dang funny.  After he woke up from his jammin' nap we rode around the park on the train and came back to Pirates to ride it just one more time. Then we left Disneyland for the last time and headed over to California Adventure to eat and get ready for the World of Color show. The World of Color show is so amazing as it started to play I started to cry (good tears of course).

Friday we woke up, packed, and headed towards the LA temple. I was so ticked because we forgot to bring our temple bags and my recommend is in my bag so we weren't able to go in but we got a few good pictures so that will have to suffice for now. Then we ate a quick lunch at McDonalds punched in our address to Jim's cool phone GPS navigation system (whom we call Ann... just ask Chelsea) and headed on our 8 hour trip home. Jim was so great to drive the majority of the way there and back which I am so thankful for... I can't do that city driving. :) So I drove for a little way over the desert and he took the rest. When we got to Las Vegas we stopped at my Aunt Ann's new house, which is pretty awesome with a pool in the back yard and everything, and she took us eat. We were able to go with her, my Aunt Pat, Ginger (who is my Aunt Ann's Daughter) and her family. We had a wonderful time talking and laughing with them. Then we continued on our trek home and arrived in Cedar at 1:00 on Saturday morning.

This vacation was so awesome for us... I had such a great time showing Jim all the awesome things in Disneyland and I loved seeing the few new things they have added here and there. As aways we were sad to come back to reality but we made memories that will never be forgotten.

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  1. Way to go, we went before you and I still havent even loaded my Disneyland pictures onto my computer!