Aug 29, 2010

I can SEW!!

I should correct my title... I can *kind of* SEW! I have been wanting a white skirt for some time now and I decided that since I can never find what I want I will just make it. So Erin helped me (thank heavens for that wonderful women) she taught me how to put it all together while Jim, Ryan and the kids watched Indiana Jones on Friday night. Then I spent pretty much all of Saturday working on it, then finally finished it this afternoon. I was a little vain and thought I was skinner than I really am, so its a little tight around my wonderful hips that I inherited from my mommy.Other than that I would have to say it turned out pretty dang good for my first time sewing a skirt. :) 

 I am quite proud of myself, of course its not perfect but I still love it.

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