Sep 26, 2010


"Adventure is out there!" ~ from the greatest movie of all time UP ~
And boy have we found it in the last month Jim and I have seen hole-in-the-rock, peek-a-boo and spooky gulch and some amazing hot air balloons!

My mother and father in law have both read the book the Undaunted  and they were kind enough to let me borrow their book and read it. I have to tell you, it was an amazing book, besides the fact that I love Gerald Lund's writing, I was truly inspired by the feat that these pioneers conquered. 



Our next adventure was to peek-a-boo and spooky gulch. These are about a hour out of Escalante.

 As well as Devils Rock Garden.
I thought this looked like a turtle!

AND last but not least our Balloon festival experience.

As you can see we enjoy the extraordinary things in life and are always up for an adventure! :)

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