Jul 14, 2010

House Work

Jim and I are currently living in a house very close to campus which my parents bought back in November last year. It is such a wonderful place to live and we love it ever so much...except... we have house guests every weekend. My Parents. Of course it is so great that we get to see them so often the problem is that we get put to work on our nice, relaxing weekends. Its a huge project that they had invested in and its going to be an even better place to live when we are all finished.  My dad, of course does most of the work, but that's okay because most of it he does while sitting down with a BIG pepsi in his hand, you may ask how this is possible... well he owns a cement business in Cannonville,UT and he has lots of fun toys like this one.

He Loves doing work, especially when large equipment is involved! I love my daddy!

Shan doing some demolition downstairs.

Jim digging for a water line, dad in the background doing the easy digging.
 This is where the diesel tank sat before we took it out.
This is where the stairs will be...eventually.

So far we have dug out new, huge downstairs window wells and we have huge windows for both of the downstairs bedrooms. We dug up a diesel tank that was on the south side of the house and then put all the dirt back where the tank was. we dug up a water line and a gas line and replaced them, dug a ginormous hole in our front yard where eventually there will be stairs that lead down to the basement and then cut out a door to the basement as well. So that is what our weekends have been full of for the last little while. 

Of course with lots of help from all the family. 

They hope to have renters by the fall, but I don't know if they are going to be quick enough for that since we only have 6 more weekends till fall semester starts. We are still going to be replacing all the water lines in the house and putting another water heater in and putting carpet down and painting the walls and making a closet for one of the rooms. It;s just a big job to do. I will sure be glad when it is all done. 
They are hoping to get a married couple to live down there, so if anyone is looking for a place to live in the fall possibly or next spring, they hope to get $500 a month, just let me know.

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