Jun 18, 2010

21st birthday

I can't believe that I am 21! Not that it really changed much in my life but, holy cow 21 is getting up there. Okay so not really. Jim and I got up early on the 16th and made our way to Zion National Park, it was so great! We went on a hike that I have never been on before, and Margaret informed me that it is mentioned in The Undaunted by Gerald Lund anyway, it is called Hidden Canyon. It was kind of a HOT day but once we got into the canyon I was almost... no I was... needing my jacket. It was actually COLD in the canyon. Jim loved that part. The neatest thing was that there were ferns and all sorts of fauna growing on the walls of this canyon and it was just so spectacular! I would definitely recommend it to anyone who was going to Zion.

The other exciting this is that my wonderful husband gave me a sweet little kitten to me. I believe we are going to call him Piper because he is always putting his two cents in, every time we talk he has got to as well. He is the cutest darn thing, I love him already, and the saddest thing is leaving him when I have to go to work. I guess I will get used to it though.. sigh...

I will put pictures on this post when I get around to it, life is SOO busy these days (do I sound dramatic? I was trying really hard for that, you know poor me I have to work... haha)

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