Apr 28, 2010

Again its taken me a while to get back to blogging, but now I actually have some time to spare. Finals are over for me, Jim has two more and we are so excited for the summer.  We both have jobs on campus at SUU. Jim is working in the IT department fixing all sorts of computers and I will be in the library fixing oral histories and labeling books.  It should be a great summer... if it would ever come... it is still so windy and is suppose to snow tomorrow!

About two weeks ago Chelsea Lin (my little sister) had her junior prom.  Jim and I went to it, as does every one else in our cute little towns.  She was by far the most beautiful girl there, of course I am a little bias. :) These are some of her pictures. 

 I finally got Jim's camera from him and was able to get some more pictures of our honeymoon.

            Jim loves these glasses!
                         This was our last stop before heading home.

I love seaport village!
      We went on a carriage ride, I have always wanted to go on one and we got the most amazing driver.  He told us all sorts of stories and at the end of the ride he told us to 'do that thing' (kiss) so he could take a picture of us AND he let me feed his horse a carrot!! It was such a blast!
            Just before we left seaport village, we had to go on a carousel ride, it was so fun!!


  1. Hey! I was excited to see that you guys have a blog! We have one too. It's johnandalysha.blogspot.com. Hope you guys are enjoying your summer. We're excited to see you in just a few weeks.

  2. Well I am trying to have a blog. I am just not very good at it yet, but I do enjoy it.
    We are excited too! Its too bad your not down here in good ol' southern utah! ;)