Mar 2, 2012


This is a very exciting time in our lives and gives us (Jim and I) confidence that we can survive outside of the college world that we have been living in for the last two years.

Jim just got a job offer for this company called integraTECHS. (I borrowed the picture from their site, thank you to them)  He will be working in their southern Utah office in St. George. For now he will work part time from home until he graduates, then he will be put on their salary. YAY, we are actually going to have jobs!

Now for the the same time Jim got offered this job I also got offered an internship (as an alternate in a position, they were waiting for the first choice applicant to decide) in the Alpine school district at Manila Elementary. This was a very difficult decision to make because both were really great opportunities for us.

An internship for teachers means that I would have been the full-time teacher for that year and I would be paid 1/2 salary and 1/2 benefits, so this was a really good offer and not everyone gets these kinds of opportunities. I really wasn't even planning on hearing back from them at all. I really don't mean to boast but the story is really neat and it gave me confidence that I am marketable in my chosen profession. A teacher and the principal came to our college class and asked each of us, who were interested, to fill out a one page information sheet and then come in and interview. I did this mainly because it would be great experience for me seeing that I have never interviewed for a teaching job before. They asked me to send references, and I did later that day Then a couple days later I got the email from them stating that I was an alternate for the position. I was so surprised; I thought they must have called my references... but no, they didn't. I was even more surprised when I found this out. I felt very honored to be given that opportunity with only a bit of information on one page and a 5 minute interview.

As we weighted our options and counseled with the lord, we felt like the job in St. George was the one for us. I am so thankful for a father in heaven who loves and cares about our lives here on earth. These decisions are not easy ones to make, and having his guiding hand makes these decisions much more simple. I  know the lord helps us in our lives and often that help comes in revelations through the spirit.

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