Jan 22, 2012

DIY book page wreath

I have been dying to do one of these wreaths ever since I saw one at my cute friends house about a year ago. She told me how simple it was and I was so excited to try it and now, finally, a year later I have accomplished this task. Just a precursory note: this project was so time consuming, I couldn't believe that something that looked and sounded so easy could be so... so... yup, time consuming. Although, I am super ecstatic about my results.  
Also, for those of you who visit my blog pretty regularly (family, that's you)... this is my very first try at doing a tutorial, tell me how I do, ok? (leave out the spelling and grammatical errors, I know they occur quite frequently) 

Here is a super quick tutorial about how to consume your time with wreath making....

  • Foam wreath between 7-10$ at Jo-Anns
  • An old book that you will never read again or buy a cheap one from D.I. or a thrift store, they are usually about .50 -$1 
  • An un-sharpened pencil (or two, just in case)
  • Hot glue gun ( and if your like me and have a super old hand-me down one that 'leaks' while its plugged in you will need lots and lots of the glue stick thingers...whatever they are called) 
Caution: Librarians please cover you eyes and ears .... okay basically don't read the first instruction it may be a bit graphic for you. In fact, you may want to choose an alternative wreath making activity. ;) 

*Think about popping in a movie or plugging in those ear buds while you are doing this, maybe you will be faster than me but this took me about 4, 2 hour sittings to get done. Its probably that I am just slower than all get out though. 

1. Take that old book and just rip the covers right off (HA remember the movie Up..."I ripped this right out of a library book"  *gasp*-- Gotta love Disney movies).  

2. Proceed to tear out the pages, I found it easiest to tear out 3 at a time and keep them together. Tear into pieces of about 2"X2". This is up to you how 'out there' or 'puffy' you want your wreath to look. 

3. Use your pencil to make a hole in the foam wreath.

4. Put a little dab of hot glue into the hole.

5. Put the 2x2 piece of paper around the pencil 

6. Stick it into the hole where the hot glue is waiting to do its job. 
*Just a suggestion... I found I was a little aggressive with poking the paper into the foam wreath and when I used the un-sharpened edge of the pencil I usually tore the paper so it wouldn't stick as well. So to remedy this I used the eraser end when poking the paper into the hot glued hole. 

7. Repeat steps 2 -6

8. Enjoy the great looking book page wreath that you just spent SO MUCH TIME making. :) Good Luck and Have FUN. Would love to see some others end results... 

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