Jan 22, 2011

Christmas and Anniversary

This year was our turn to spend Christmas with the Shakespear's. We had such a great time; we played dominoes, watched a John Wayne movie on Christmas eve, opened presents Christmas eve... all of these things were new to me and I enjoyed them so much. I do admit at first I was a little bummed that I was not going to be able to be with my family on Christmas eve, but I had such a wonderful time. I am so thankful for Jim, Margaret and Franz and for the memories that we made (and are continuing to make) together. We always have such a great time when we are with them.

Here are a few pictures from opening presents on Christmas eve.

 This is our parrot... Margaret and Franz gave him to us.
 Playing Dominoes
 Jim got a NAS server for Christmas. He was the one that ordered it and all that jazz because I would have had no clue if he had put me in charge of buying it. So it came on the 8th of December and I let him open it on the 15th because he needed something to fiddle with over the Christmas break. I gave into his begging is pretty much what happened.

December 11 was our 1 year anniversary!! It is hard to believe that we have been married for a whole year! It blows my mind! We started out the day with Jim making heart shaped french toast for me and then we spent the rest of the day in St. George at the temple and the Texas Roadhouse for dinner! We had an excellent day. I am so thankful for Jim and everything he does for me, he is amazing!! 

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  1. I'm glad you had fun at Christmas, but we sure missed you guys!!