Dec 4, 2010

Christmas Tree Hunting

We had such a great time this morning with Ryan, Erin and their awesome family hunting for the perfect Christmas tree. I love this time of year and the great traditions that happen, my family has always gone Christmas tree hunting and we have had some pretty great memories come out of that very simple tradition. I remember very clearly on one of our Christmas tree hunts about 4 years ago, we were past Henrieville but not quite to the blues on one of the big bends. The kids and mom decided that we really liked one tree BUT dad liked another tree. So just as we were deciding what tree to chop down dad said hurry every one get down, there is a car coming and we are not suppose to cut a tree down this close to the road. Everyone dived on the ground thinking that we might get caught and dad (laughing at us for believing him) just happened to duck down right where 'his' favorite tree was, so while he was close to the ground he just chopped it right down. We were all so ticked but laughing quite hard. That is just my dad to a T; you just can't help but to love him. Thanks mom and dad for always taking us out to find a real Christmas tree!
Here are some of our pictures from our Christmas tree hunt this year.
 Searching for the perfect tree.
 Emmet's huge snowballs!
 Snow ball fight.
 Jim's floating snowball! ooOOooo!
 Cutting down our tree.
 You can see who did all the work... me of course I was taking all the pictures! That is hard work you know. ;)
Molly and Erin's nose scrunching. hehe.
I love family and I am so thankful that Ryan and Erin live close enough that we can do so many fun activities with them!


  1. Mikki, Im not sure if I have a current email for sadly here is my response on your blog ;-)

    Follow this link

    It suggests 3 inch elastic for adults...which is hard to find, 2 inch will work great. It's SOOO easy!

  2. Hey! I forgot you have a blog. I love the pictures! So fun.

    We're so glad you two are in town, too. We should get together sometime soon. :)