Sep 3, 2011

Projects + Jims Birthday.

In August, between ending summer school and beginning the regular school year I was able to do a few DIY projects.  First I made a wreath with yarn, I found the idea on Pinterest (which is my new favorite thing, Thanks Erin!)
I also spray painted a work bench that was in our garage and am now using it in my kitchen. I love it so very much and I now have a new love for spray paint as well.
I love, love, love the blue color. Sorry the picture is so dark.

I also tried to make a Hula Hoop rug, I found the idea on the Disney family fun site. I was so excited to make it and then when I had finally finished and took it off of the hula hoop.... it turned into a floppy basket. :(  I wove it WAY too tight in the center and so it made the sides turn up.  I am not going to post a picture... it is too embarrassing to show you.

+Jim's Birthday+
On August 18th my amazing husband celebrated his 23rd birthday! Wow, I know that's not really old in the whole scheme of things but I really cannot believe how old we are getting.  The reason it probably gets me is because I remember when we were 16 just starting to date. I remember day dreaming about him and like many young teen-age girls wondering if he could be *THE ONE* and guess what?? HE WAS!!  ohhh cute, right? ;)  I absolutely LOVE Jim. He is such an awesome husband and he truly is my very best friend in the world.
This year for his birthday, he had to work... blahh BUT he did get some pretty awesome presents. Although, I don't take much credit for them because he picked them out. I am really terrible at keeping secrets and surprises from him. He ALWAYS guesses right. 
See here, this smile is right after he guessed what his present was and... he was right. It was clay pigeons and shot gun shells. The really exciting gift for his birthday this year was a new 42 in. Samsung TV. Yes, he is spoiled. Unfortunately I don't have a picture but I am sure most of you know what a TV looks like. ;)

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  1. I really like your post about Jims b-day. i love the table you spray painted.